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Who we are

Annemarie Schokker travelled to Germany to specialise as a certfied Dr Hauschka homeopathic beautician at the Wala institute. She then deepened her experience at the Dr Hauschka institute in Milan. She is certified in shiatsu, lymphatic drainage, sport massage and classic relaxation massage. She is also al Dutch-Italian interpreter/translator.

Luciano Maio is a Sicilian. He gives the guests a taste of real Sicilian tradition and culture by cooking wonderful organic, biodynamic food. Since 1975 he has had his own band, "Taberna Mylaensis", for which he composes and produces contemporary and traditional Sicilian music. On several evenings, Luciano will play guitar and perform his songs for the guests.

A pampering holiday
Capo Milazzo organises weeks for guests on Vulcano because of its strong connection with Sicily. By providing guests with Sicilian hospitality, Capo Milazzo seeks to create a feeling of coming home.

These islands, as yet undiscovered by mass tourism, have all the right ingredients to return to yourself. Sun, sea, pure nature and an abundance of flowers form the setting for a wonderful, pampering holiday. The packages we offer on these Mediterranean islands are a unique combination of relaxation and wellness.

The massages, Dr. Hauschka beauty treatment, excellent organic Sicilian cuisine, outdoor Chi Kung classes, and living at the sea near a volcano, ensure that when the week ends, you will return home smiling, feeling healthy, completely relaxed and incredibly satisfied.

Eight days of fango wellness on Vulcano
On Vulcano you can experience the beneficial effect of bathing in a natural sulphur mud bath, the fango. While bathing in the fango bath between the two volcanoes, your pores absorb the healing power of volcanic minerals and thermal water. The main component of this fango bath is sulphur, also called "nature's beauty mineral".

You can also explore the adjacent islands, visit the Aeolian Islands archaeological museum and climb the other volcanoes.

You are listening to the song Cu Jé by Luciano. Use the buttons to turn the sound on or off, fast forward and rewind


wellness reizen kuurreizen kuur kuren kuurvakantie spa spareizen kuuroord ontslakken ontspanning ontgiften beauty health anti-stress reinigingskuren gezondheid gezondheidsreizen individueel yoga beautyvakantie schoonheidsbehandeling ontspannen kuurarrangement massage ontstressen zwavel modderbad Capo Milazzo verzorgt voor een eerlijke prijs een kuurweek met alle ingredienten om weer helemaal bij jezelf te komen. Kuren op Vulcano, een week in een ander wereld.