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Sicilian cuisine


During the week the inner person is also strengthened and pampered in a responsible way.

Sicily’s exquisite and abundant culinary tradition guides the preparation of every single dish. We only use products from the Salamita, Sicily’s organic (biodynamic) farming cooperative. We eat both vegetarian and fish dishes. The fish is caught in the morning by local fisherman and is served to you at dinner the very same evening. Together we enjoy great Sicilian red and white wines.

Luciano prepares all dishes with love and devotion. Each day he spoils and surprises us with a delicious lunch buffet, including eight or nine different dishes with vegetables such as artichokes, broad beans, grilled tomatoes, stuffed eggplant, arugula salad with parmesan, pecorino, frittata, shrimps, mussels, swordfish, and more. Each day there is something different, based on what the season has to offer. A super healthy and true feast.

We eat on the covered terrace overlooking the beach, listening to Luciano’s beautiful Sicilian compositions along with the sound of the sea.




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