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Between the two volcanoes on the island of Vulcano lies a natural sulphur mud bath, a so-called ‘fango’. This unique natural thermal bath has been visited for centuries for its healing powers..

The main component of this bath is sulphur, also called "nature's beauty mineral". Bathing in this fango stimulates the blood circulation. The healing powers of the thermal water and volcanic minerals are absorbed through the pores. The warm temperature of the bath (± 40 ° C) also activates perspiration, causing toxins to easily leave the body and natural minerals from the fango to be absorbed through the skin. The result is that you are completely de-stressed, detoxified and relaxed. The fango has a beneficial effect on the skin, muscles, bones, arthritis, osteoarthritis, psoriasis and rheumatism.

The rocks surrounding the mud bath form a kind of natural saunas in which you can relax. The steam that comes out of them is very beneficial for the respiratory tract. In the sea right next to the fango are numerous fumaroles (hot tubs) that provide the ultimate Jacuzzi sensation.

What to wear and use when visiting the fango.
Old swimwear, old towel or bathrobe, water shoes. We advice not to wear any silver jewelry as the sulphur turns any silver object black.











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