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During the week you will receive the following massages and treatments, all given by qualified specialists from the Netherlands.

The complete total beauty treatment from Dr. Hauschka Hauschka

The classic Dr. Hauschka treatment, according to the homeopathic and biodynamic method of Dr. Hauschka, is a therapy with an emphasis on relaxation. It includes the following components:

Hauscha produkten

Our guests experience the facial and body treatment as very beneficial.The treatment leads to deep relaxation and leaves you with a feeling of light, lightness and inner balance, thanks to the delicious aromas of the oils, creams and lotions and the cleansings, massages and facial masks.

The uniqueness of this treatment is due to the natural ingredients of selected medicinal plants and flowers as well as the concept of the treatment. Dr. Hauschka assumes that there is a natural rhythm to all life in the cosmos.
The products will ensure that the skin can repair itself and strengthen its own healthy processes and rhythms. In addition, these products protect the skin against external influences. The Dr. Hauschka Holistic Treatment is deeply relaxing. It boosts inner vitality and promotes regeneration.

Click here for the brochure of Dr. Hauschka.